“I had Adam Westcott on the Silver Wind, and he put on two outstanding shows.  The house was full and guests really enjoyed his show.  He is a virtuoso of flamenco and classical guitar playing. He has a natural, relaxed attitude on stage.  His story is amazing and he elaborates, without going “overboard”.   His shows were the talk of the ship.  I particularly liked the fact that I saw him, many times, around the ship, talking with our guests.  His enthusiasm and personable attitude make him perfect for our ships.  His story of 15 years of practice really make you appreciate his skills….which are incredible. If you can, I would book him soon!” Bob Leininger, Cruise Director, SilverWind

“Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!” – Sarah Garnier, Holt Festival Organiser

“Insane!!!!” – James Santer, BBC Introducing

“Brilliant playing” – Alex James, Blur